Porsche auction boosts club funds

Members of Burgess Hill Youth staff team were warmly welcomed by Tiffany Wade at the Porsche Centre, the visit enabled them to personally express sincere thanks to the team there, for the generous gift they provided for the auction conducted by Steve Willis Training team on behalf of the club at their apprentice graduation evening.

Whilst there the opportunity was taken by the Burgess Hill Youth volunteers to pose and have their picture taken with a rather expensive Porsche 918 Spyder.

Tiffany Wade, Marketing Manager at Porsche Centre Mid-Sussex commented: “On 27th November we were delighted to support engineer training facility, Steve Willis Training Centres Limited, by supplying a Porsche for the Weekend in their charity fundraiser at the centres annual graduation ceremony. The money raised will go to the local Burgess Hill Youth group, which provides a range of activities for the town’s children. This is an incredibly important resource and we feel strongly about supporting our local community projects”.

Paul Myles club secretary commented that without the continued support of local companies, Steve Willis Training and the Porsche Centre Mid Sussex and also local Charitable organisations such as the Burgess Hill District Lions Club we could not continue to provide recreational opportunities for young people in our community.


Success Story

In February 2013, Burgess Hill Youth organised a taster session for young people to visit Steve Willis Training on Sheddingdean Business Park.

Twelve young people had the opportunity for hands-on experience of the type of work Steve Willis Training does. They were allowed to use the tools, talk to staff and generally get a feel for what the work was like.

One member of Burgess Hill Youth found the experience so helpful, he decided there and then to consider approaching Steve Willis Training when he left school. He attended Steve Willis Training as part of his work experience in 2015 and had a really useful week which reinforced his decision to apply to work there in the future. He left school in the summer of 2016 and had a successful interview – the experience he had gained on his first visit back in 2013, together with his work experience in 2015, helped him to succeed.

Everyone is very proud of his achievement and he started working in August 2016. He has started an apprenticeship and hopes to qualify 2018. In addition, as a resident of Affinity Sutton housing, he was awarded a grant to help him buy new clothes for work. This was invaluable and really demonstrates the support for this young person in the community.

Overall this was a very positive experience for our young member, and shows the kind of help Burgess Hill Youth and the experienced youth workers can provide you with.

Why not pop along to a club night on Mondays (senior club age 13 upwards 7-9pm) or Wednesdays (junior club age 8-12 6.30-8.30pm)? We look forward to seeing you and helping you where we can 😊

Young Carer’s Perspective: Niamh

This is a special blog post written by a Burgess Hill Youth member who is a young carer.

The Burgess Hill young carers have helped me with so much. I joined in 2010 when my mum had a stroke and I have been going ever since. The young carers events are great because we can go and meet new people who have gone through a similar experience to yourself. It gives me a chance to open up and maybe share how I’m feeling when I couldn’t always to talk to someone at home.

My mum has had a really bad back for as long as I can remember and I’ve always helped her doing little things around the house. I help my mum with things like washing up, laundry and helping her put her socks on, things I find normal but maybe other people wouldn’t. When I go to the young carers for a day, it gives me a bit of time out to do my own thing. I don’t mind helping mum but sometimes it  is nice to not worry!

Whenever I go there’s always a friendly face. There is always volunteers who give up their time to help us and I’m really grateful to them. They are what make it possible! I go on a day out and there is always something for me, and everyone else, to do. Whether it’s arts and crafts, tennis, cake making or pond dipping. We will all have a GREAT time!

Since I’ve been at the young carers I have tried loads of new things I usually wouldn’t do. A couple of weeks ago I went camping for 2 nights and it was amazing (thanks Paul). Because I’ve only been camping once (with my mum and dad) I learned a lot of new skills and I also met some new friends from other youth groups. Before I’ve been to black lands farm, abseiling at hove lagoon and I’ve even been go-carting. Jen and the whole team always find fun and challenging activities for us all do.

I love going to the young carers. Now I am a bit older I like to help volunteer with the younger ones as it has helped me so much and would really like to give something back to this amazing cause.


The Budding Foundation

Burgess Hill Youth support the Budding Foundation with the launch of the new South Downs Heritage Centre held on Saturday, 30 July.

We were pleased to support the event to thank Clive Gravett and the Budding Foundation for the support they are providing to the young carers of Burgess Hill.

Definitely worth a visit to the Heritage Centre – lots of interesting displays in lovely surroundings of South Downs Nurseries.

Budding Foundation event
Paul Myles, Clive Gravett and Jennifer O’Grady

Many hands don’t spoil the broth

New volunteer Tim Worsfold met with Debbie Mann and Thomas Costick (aka WebBhyouth) at the BHYouth HQ to discuss the Club’s website and Facebook page.

New volunteer, Tim Worsfold.

Tim has kindly stepped forward to help with the website and blog, thereby doubling the existing number devoted to that task 🙂

A good meeting was had, and Tim went away straining at the leash to leave no stone unturned. We all agreed that many hands make light work, while taking care to avoid the Too Many Cooks conundrum.

Waitrose Local Community Support

Burgess Hill Youth recently received a donation from Waitrose, as part of their monthly Community Matters “green chips” scheme.

Club Chairman, Tony Parris said, “Thank you so much to Waitrose and to the local community for supporting the scheme. As this was our first time of being chosen we did not know what to expect so it was a nice surprise to receive a cheque for £439 and this money will be used to present events during the school holidays for local children.”

Pictured are Waitrose’s Gillian Richardson, Personnel Manager, and Christine Howell, co-ordinator of the scheme, together with Tony Parris and Paul Myles, Club Chairman and Secretary.

Steve Willis Training

Sponsor: Steve Willis Training

Steve Willis became involved with Burgess Hill Youth in 2011 when it was still known as Burgess Hill Boys’ Club.

Burgess Hill District Lions were running an appeal for a local business to sponsor a Chicory Tip concert of 60’s/70’s music, all proceeds to benefit the Boys Club.

The Club’s Treasurer and Chairman (Graham Cubitt and Tony Parris) were invited to a meeting with Steve Willis, the outcome of which was that Steve would sponsor the annual event and the Lions would introduce a new category in the Apprentice Presentation night for the apprentice who rose to the biggest challenge over the course of the year.

As a youngster, Steve was a member of the Boys’ Club so it’s extra special now that he has made Burgess Hill Youth his charity.