Young Carer’s Perspective: Niamh

This is a special blog post written by a Burgess Hill Youth member who is a young carer.

The Burgess Hill young carers have helped me with so much. I joined in 2010 when my mum had a stroke and I have been going ever since. The young carers events are great because we can go and meet new people who have gone through a similar experience to yourself. It gives me a chance to open up and maybe share how I’m feeling when I couldn’t always to talk to someone at home.

My mum has had a really bad back for as long as I can remember and I’ve always helped her doing little things around the house. I help my mum with things like washing up, laundry and helping her put her socks on, things I find normal but maybe other people wouldn’t. When I go to the young carers for a day, it gives me a bit of time out to do my own thing. I don’t mind helping mum but sometimes it  is nice to not worry!

Whenever I go there’s always a friendly face. There is always volunteers who give up their time to help us and I’m really grateful to them. They are what make it possible! I go on a day out and there is always something for me, and everyone else, to do. Whether it’s arts and crafts, tennis, cake making or pond dipping. We will all have a GREAT time!

Since I’ve been at the young carers I have tried loads of new things I usually wouldn’t do. A couple of weeks ago I went camping for 2 nights and it was amazing (thanks Paul). Because I’ve only been camping once (with my mum and dad) I learned a lot of new skills and I also met some new friends from other youth groups. Before I’ve been to black lands farm, abseiling at hove lagoon and I’ve even been go-carting. Jen and the whole team always find fun and challenging activities for us all do.

I love going to the young carers. Now I am a bit older I like to help volunteer with the younger ones as it has helped me so much and would really like to give something back to this amazing cause.



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