Success Story

In February 2013, Burgess Hill Youth organised a taster session for young people to visit Steve Willis Training on Sheddingdean Business Park.

Twelve young people had the opportunity for hands-on experience of the type of work Steve Willis Training does. They were allowed to use the tools, talk to staff and generally get a feel for what the work was like.

One member of Burgess Hill Youth found the experience so helpful, he decided there and then to consider approaching Steve Willis Training when he left school. He attended Steve Willis Training as part of his work experience in 2015 and had a really useful week which reinforced his decision to apply to work there in the future. He left school in the summer of 2016 and had a successful interview – the experience he had gained on his first visit back in 2013, together with his work experience in 2015, helped him to succeed.

Everyone is very proud of his achievement and he started working in August 2016. He has started an apprenticeship and hopes to qualify 2018. In addition, as a resident of Affinity Sutton housing, he was awarded a grant to help him buy new clothes for work. This was invaluable and really demonstrates the support for this young person in the community.

Overall this was a very positive experience for our young member, and shows the kind of help Burgess Hill Youth and the experienced youth workers can provide you with.

Why not pop along to a club night on Mondays (senior club age 13 upwards 7-9pm) or Wednesdays (junior club age 8-12 6.30-8.30pm)? We look forward to seeing you and helping you where we can šŸ˜Š


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